Statistical, Data Management, and Coordination Center (SDMCC)


The CIVICs Statistical, Data Management, and Coordination Center (SDMCC) supports the program by providing statistical analysis, data management and analytics, and preclinical and clinical study coordination services. The interdisciplinary SDMCC team includes scientists, technologists, and data scientists with years of experience supporting NIAID-funded influenza research and clinical studies. The SDMCC maintains CIVICs web resources, including the CIVICs public website with information about program activities and resources, and two data submission portals for preclinical research and clinical studies data management. SDMCC staff contribute statistical design and analysis of preclinical and clinical research, development of data standards, standardized study protocols and reporting mechanisms, data sharing and dissemination, clinical site training and program support, and community outreach and engagement. As the information technology hub of CIVICs, the SDMCC advances the mission of the program by ensuring that the cross-discipline and multi-sectoral network functions as a collaborative unit, streamlining research, analyses, and information sharing processes at every step.

Statistical Design and Analysis

The SDMCC assists CIVICs investigators in the design, conduct, and analysis of preclinical and clinical studies. Experienced SDMCC statisticians will serve as collaborative members of multidisciplinary research teams, contributing as active participants in discussions of scientific and operational issues throughout the CIVICs program life cycle.


Data Management, Reporting

To maximize data sharing and enable in-silico research, the SDMCC provides a platform for CIVICs investigators to contribute research data and metadata. The SDMCC coordinates with stakeholders to develop shared data standards, perform quality control, and disseminate scientific data on the CIVICs website and public databases. The SDMCC thus ensures that the network functions cohesively with standardized protocols and reporting procedures.

Communication, Outreach

The SMDCC helps communicate to the scientific community and general public the goals and accomplishments of the CIVICs program. The public website for the program includes original content, such as analyses of scientific publications, investigator profiles, and program news. The SDMCC will track and display on the CIVICs website the scientific publications of investigators, as well as the resources they make available to the broader scientific community.

Training, Support, Collaboration

The SDMCC develops documentation and training manuals for all the technical systems available to the CIVICs community. Hands-on training ensures that the CIVICs users are proficient in the use of available data management and clinical trial management systems. The SDMCC makes available modern communication and information exchange platforms to promote real-time collaboration between members of the distributed CIVICs Network.

Dr. Stephan Bour, Principal Investigator, CIVICs SDMCC

Principal Investigator



Digital Infuzion

Project Team

  • Ra’Chel Alexander, Project Administrator
  • Miriam Ali, Cloud Administrator
  • Eline Appelmans, Data Science Specialist
  • Maria Beltre, Project Manager
  • Jeremy Carson, Technical Lead
  • Abhiram Chitipirlla, Cloud Database Developer
  • Michael Kallgren, Software Developer
  • Brian Markowitz, Data Architect
  • Kyle Martin, PhD, Scientific Program Manager
  • Helmutz Mbachan, Cloud Administrator
  • Patrick O’Toole, Software Developer
  • Monikka Ravichandran, Software Engineer
  • Andrei Teleron, Software Developer
  • Link Wu, Developer
  • Johannes Goll, MS, Senior Biostatistician Manager
  • Jim Albert, MS, Senior Clinical Research Manager
  • Chris Bryant, PhD, Senior Biostatistician
  • Christine Orndahl, PhD, Senior Biostatistician
  • Marissa Kontos, Principal Data Manager
  • Alessandra Winfield, Clinical Project Coordinator
  • John (Jeep) BaggettPhD, Data Quality Manager
  • Emily Billings, PhD, Center Coordinator
  • Alyssa Brookhart, Data Quality Specialist
  • Christina Brunelle, PhD, Data Quality Manager
  • Logan Cole, Data Quality Specialist
  • Mikaela Finnegan, Data Quality Manager
  • Dylan McClung, PhD, Scientific Communications Lead
  • Lilly McQueen, MS, Communications Specialist
  • Andrea Olvera, MS, Data Quality Specialist
  • Margaret Rush, PhD, Scientific Communications Manager
  • Rose Sauer, Graphic Designer
  • Anna Steadman, Data Quality Specialist
  • Andrew Taylor, MPH, Communications Specialist

The CIVICs Statistical, Data Management, and Coordination Center (SDMCC) brings together three companies to support the CIVICs Network.

The CIVICs SDMCC Team picture