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The Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI) serves as one of two clinical cores for the CIVICs program. The DHVI has a longstanding history of leading numerous seasonal, pandemic, universal, and special population influenza vaccine studies and collaborating on many human challenge studies. Investigators within the Duke CIVICs Clinical Core conduct clinical trials and human challenge studies for promising influenza vaccines, vaccine components, and vaccine delivery systems developed by the Vaccine Centers and other external collaborators. Clinical trials include Phase I studies in healthy adults and Phase I/II studies in populations at risk of more severe influenza, including older adults, children, and pregnant women. Human influenza challenge studies are conducted in healthy adults. Duke leads the effort to harmonize the endpoint assays used to evaluate clinical trials and human challenge studies, including correlates of protection and durable immunity. The Clinical Core also manages the biorepository of samples obtained from the clinical trials and challenge studies to enable future research.  Collectively, the Core helps advance safe and promising improvements and innovations in influenza vaccine design through the clinical pipeline.

Dr. Chip Walter, Principal Investigator, Duke CIVICs Clinical Core

Principal Investigator


Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI)


Duke University

Imperial College London

University of Iowa

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  • Thad Gurley, MS, Research Practice Manager, Duke Human Vaccine Institute
  • Tony Moody, MD, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Duke Human Vaccine Institute

Research Practice Manager

Program Managers

The Duke Vaccine and Trials Unit (DVTU) investigators conduct clinical research to advance understanding of human immunity to influenza and other infectious diseases to improve prevention and control measures.

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