FluGen Announces Completion of First Pediatric Cohort in Clinical Trial of M2SR Influenza Vaccine

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Collaborative Influenza Vaccine Innovation Centers (CIVICs) program is addressing critical gaps in the prevention and control of influenza by advancing promising influenza vaccines into clinical trials. Influenza can be particularly dangerous for infants and children, who experience higher rates of infection and serious complications, underscoring the need for vaccines that generate robust and long-lasting immune responses in this population.

FluGen, Inc. recently published a press release highlighting the status of a NIAID-funded clinical trial conducted by the University of Maryland School of Medicine CIVICs Clinical Core and Duke CIVICs Clinical Core seeking to develop an improved influenza vaccine for pediatric populations. CIVICs investigators involved include Dr. James Campbell from the University of Maryland, Dr. Chip Walter from Duke University, Dr. Clarence Creech from Vanderbilt University, and Dr. Patricia Winokur from the University of Iowa.